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Taagepera, Rein, Brian Kaiser, & Jonathan R. Cervas. (Working Paper). "Population-Dependence of Cabinet Sizes". European Journal of Political Research. (Under Review): -, pg. 1.

Population-Dependence of Cabinet Sizes

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Cabinet size may affect efficiency. We find that population (P) accounts for +/-40% of the variation in cabinet sizes (C) in 189 countries. Individual country values
vary up to +/-50 % from the average pattern, C = 40 (1+39P^(1/4)) , which is simple logistic in terms of the logarithm of P. This differs from the format of the cube root law of
assembly sizes, which has no ceiling. It remains to be elucidated on logical grounds
why the constants should have the values 40 and 14. Cabinets tend to be larger than average in Afro-MENA and Caribbean countries and smaller in Latin America. No other factor has been found to affect cabinet size. In particular, corruption doesn't, once the geographic region is taken into account.



Taagepera, Rein, Brian Kaiser, & Jonathan R. Cervas

European Journal of Political Research